Holding The Line On Taxes

Commissioner Schneider sponsored the ordinance that fully repealed the Todd Stroger sales tax.  By lowering taxes, Commissioner Schneider believes we can attract more consumers and broaden our overall tax base.

Budget Hawk

Commissioner Schneider is a proponent of cutting Cook County’s budget, focusing on efficiencies, eliminating wasteful spending, and reducing the size of our payroll.  When Commissioner Schneider took office, Cook County had 25,575 full time employees.  Today , Cook County employs 21,914.

Forest Preserve Steward

As a Cook County Forest Preserve Disctrict Commissioner, Tim is dedicated to keeping our holdings in pristine condition.  The Forest Preserves belong to the community, and Commissioner Schneider is focused on promoting our recreational opportunities.

Workers Compensation Reform

As Chairman of Cook County’s Workers Compensation Committee, Tim has focused on combatting workers compensation fraud and false claims.  Commissioner Schneider has also led the charge to streamline the claims process, and ensuring that healthy employees return to work in a timely manner.